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The indoor air quality in modern buildings is often far less healthy than the outdoor air, even if you live in a city. Indoor air is often influenced by other pollutants due to tightly closing windows and doors and the massive use of plastics. Bacteria, mold and fumes can have a massive impact on your health, especially if you already have existing illnesses (asthma …). In contrast to filter technology, we are not waiting until the virus or particle is caught in the filter. We deactivate harmful components directly there, where they are getting in the air.

No viruses, no dust, no pollen, IDA 1 according to DIN 16798-3

The ProActiveAir iO+ is not an simple air washer or air purifier, it treats the air so it can be used immediately and without restrictions.
In the case of an air filter device, it can happen that the device sucks in contaminated air for cleaning, and it flows past one or more people before it is cleaned. An infection with corona, other viruses or bacteria can occur before the air has been cleaned.

Small devices usually do not achieve any relevant values ​​when improving the room air because of their size. Our floor-standing device iO+, on the other hand, is able to supply rooms up to 190 yd² with clean air.

The iO + uses ionization and ozonation to purify the air.

Aerosols transport viruses and other harmful particles through the air. This allows them to get from one host to another and infect them.

With our technology, we eliminate exactly this transport route at its source, when the viruses are thrown into the air in the form of aerosols when you exhale / cough / sneeze.

Because laboratory tests clearly show that the particle content in the air has reached the previous level after a few minutes again. Therefore, ventilation only has a short-term effect in order to remove harmful particles from the air in the room. In addition, the exchanging air swirls the harmful particles and viruses though the room and thus increases the risk of infection.

False claims made on the internet

Claim: UV-C lamps are harmful

This claim is wrong, because you are also exposed to natural UV-C radiation in the fresh air. In addition, the UV tubes are located inside the device and do not emit any radiation to the outside. All emissions ​​have been checked by certified laboratories.

Claim: Ozone is harmful!

On average, values ​​of up to 60 µg/m3 prevail in the fresh air. (Sources: 1, 2)

We limit or lower the ozone content in the interior to a fixed 25 µg/m3. This is achieved by first removing the ozone from the treated air and then adding exactly 25 µg/m. So you can be sure that this value will never be exceeded and that there is still en effective cleaning effect.

You can use the Federal Environment Agency’s app to get an idea by installing it and looking at the values:

Here is an example result from the official Federal Environment Agency app: Very  good air quality index at the “Swabian Alb” station on December 10th.: at 18:00 o’clock. Very low fine dust concentration (7 µg/m³). Very low ozone concentration (25 µg/m³). Very low Nitrogen dioxide concentration  (15 µg/m³). Source:

Also the claim that “ozone free is good!” is fundamentally wrong! If this were true, you should never go outside again, because there is always ozone.
Our iO+ ensures that the right amount of active oxygen (ozone) is always available to ensure effective disinfection of the air according to the principle of natural air.


1: Landesanstalt für Umwelt Baden-Württemberg LUBW

2: Umweltbundesamt:

The principle of ionization was already used by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. The number of ions in the air is used as a degree for the quality of climatic health resorts. A climatic health resort can only be called this when at least a certain level of ions is reached.

§ 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 BayAnerkV describes „ regular conditions of local hygiene for water, soil and air“. At waterfalls, values ​​of up to 25,000 – 80,000 ions/cm³ prevail, in the mountains 1,000 – 5,000 and in the city only 500 on average. Untreated air in modern rooms with tightly closing windows only reaches values ​​of 0-250, which deviates very strongly from the natural values ​​outside the city.

Devices with a filter are usually cheaper at first glance, but like printers, for example, there are running costs in the form of filters that have to be replaced again and again. The energy consumption of this type of air purifier is also relatively high.


Immediately after switching on, the device begins to analyze the air. The sensor is first calibrated, which takes about 15 minutes. However, cleaning starts immediately after switching it on.

This means that there are dust particles in the air and these are in the process of being removed.

This means that there are aerosols in the air and these are in the process of being eliminated. It can be any aerosol, such as aerosoles with viruses and bacteria, vapors or perfume, for example.

First, make sure that your device is in a room that does not exceed our size specification on the packaging or user manual.

1. We recommend that you position the device so that NONE of the openings are against a wall. Both side openings must have free access to the room air.

2. The air outlet (seen from the front on the right-hand side) should not point directly to a metal surface (e.g. heaters, machines …).

You will soon find placement suggestions below in our download area.

As long as the iO+ is set up parallel to the wall and none of the side openings are pointing into a corner, it can be set up at a wall. Both side openings must remain free, otherwise the device will not work as desired.

As long as you keep the items away from the air inlet, this is not a problem. Make sure that no small objects can enter the device.

After just 4 minutes, a possible virus load has dropped by 70%, after 30 minutes a security of 99.6% is already achieved.

Particle load expiry

In larger rooms it can be useful to set up more then one device. These should then be as far apart as possible from each other in order to achieve a faster effect.

Since our company philosophy is strongly based on the cradle to cradle principle, we paid attention to very low energy consumption, a long-lasting design and the avoidance of expensive filters. In addition, dirty filters are to be treated as hazardous waste because of the biological load. Only a few devices actively handle this issue. The resulting filters result in an enormous amount of waste when used over a large area.

You can use ProActiveAir iO+ in countries with 220-240V nominal voltage. If you need a device for countries with a different voltage, please contact us directly.

The ProActiveAir iO+ is designed for permanent use and has a life span of several years.


The permanent filter can be cleaned out with the brush attached to the inside of the panel. It can also be blown out or vacuumed with compressed air. If it is heavily soiled, it can also be washed with a mild detergent (hand washing-up liquid or similar), it is only important that the filter is only reinstalled after it has dried completely.


1. Please check your power supply first. If the device is properly plugged in, please check whether your power fuses have been triggered.

2. If this does not solve the problem, open the front cover once and close it again. The display should then light up.

Please contact us if the device still does not turn on.

Switch off your device and pull out the power plug. Wait 30 seconds, reconnect the device to the power supply, and then turn it on again.

If your touchpad is defective or if it is impossible to operate, disconnect the power plug from the socket and plug it in again. If the problem persists, contact us, please.

Repeated installation does not affect the sensor.

If there is any damage, please describe it to us first so that we can find a solution together.

After water damage, you must not switch the device on again under any circumstances. Please send the device to us so we can check it.

First check whether the filters of the device are dirty or a warning message appears on the device display.

Check the operating mode of your device. If the round status indicator at the front of the iO+ shows red or orange, there are particles in your room air left. Please give the device the necessary time to purify the air in the room, depending on the size of the room.

This is also normal shortly after switching it on. It usually takes 15 minutes for the device to calibrate the sensor.
When the indicator shows green, you can reduce the speed of the fan by switching into another operating mode.

Please contact your dealer so that we can help you together.

The only replaceable parts are the built-in UV-C tubes, which have to be replaced after a few years depending on the period of use.

In all other cases, please contact your dealer.

Please contact the company from whom you purchased your product first. Our sales partners offer suitable contacts and solutions at any time.


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