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iO+ Protective air treatment according to the example of nature.

This is how it works!

With our active combination of ionization and activated oxygen, we ensure that the room air itself acts as a protective barrier and that 99.9% of all aerosols, particles, viruses and bacteria are removed immediately.

In addition, we have installed highly effective permanent filter and disinfection technology in our device. We meet all normative and legal requirements. In contrast to filter technology, we are not waiting until the virus or particle is caught in the filter. We deactivate harmful components directly there, where they are getting in the air.

This is how it works

Officially confirmed to be highly effective

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Our two iO+ devices are covering two different room sizes. The large iO+ protects up to 190yd² / 520yd³ with just one device and our small iO+ Smart protects up to 90yd² / 248yd³

The technical implementation within the two devices is exactly identical. The only difference is that we integrated two actions paths in the large iO + and one in the the smaller iO+ Smart. Operation, maintenance and the internal components are completely the same, as is the footprint size of each external case. Externally, the only difference between the devices is that they have different housing heights. This is 85 cm for the large iO + and 51 cm for the smaller iO + Smart.

In order to be able to compare the data of our iO+ devices with each other, we have listed the most important technical data for you:

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