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The revolution in air purification

Why are we talking about a revolution? And what’s the problem with traditional air purifiers?

With conventional air purifiers, the air is cleaned of pollutants such as viruses, pollen or dust by the strongest possible air flow through the room. The air is moved through the room with all of its pollutants and viruses can be inhaled on their way.

Our solution is active in the entire room a short time after it is switched on and eliminates the pollutants at the point of their formation using various operating principles.

You can find out exactly how this works HERE.

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Protect yourself and others with our unique technology

Protective air treatment doctors and pharmacies

Doctor’s Offices, Pharmacies and Waiting Rooms

Protective air treatment at schools and educational institutions

Schools and Eductional Institutions

Protective air treatment at Kindergartens

Day care Center and Kindergartens

Protective air treatment at Gyms

Gyms and Physical Therapy

Protective air treatment at Restaurants

Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

Protective air treatment at Offices

Offices and Conference Rooms